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  • Do you want more control?
  • Do you want quicker, more competitive results?
  • Do you want an aggressive advertising campaign?

Motleys Real Estate offers a proactive program with accelerated approaches.  Our program reduces long-term carrying costs, eliminates contracts carrying contingencies that would cause a closing to fail, missed opportunity for peak sale time periods, as well as time off the market.  Our program DOES create competition among buyers, proactive sales, and we ensure qualified buyers, all of which result in SOLD.

  • You control the terms and eliminate contingencies
  • You control the timeline
  • You control the price

We offer customized accelerated programs such as:

Accelerated Sales – Unlike a traditional auction an accelerated sale is a seller-controlled process where buyers are educated up front with an appraisal and home inspection.  Offers are then made in an exciting and competitive environment. Our platform allows transparency, eliminates contingencies and sells within your established timeframe.

Traditional Auction – Is an open forum live event with in-person and/or online bidding directed by an auctioneer with the property being awarded to the highest bidder.

Traditional Listing – Motleys also offers traditional sales for conventional sellers working with one of our professional Realtors.  The Realtor will evaluate your property, determine the market value, list it through the traditional means and support the processing of the transaction from the beginning to the end.

Benefits to the seller include:

  • We will get you an offer on your property in 30 days
  • 10% Buyer’s Premium eliminates the commission due from seller.  Sell your house without paying commission!
  • You control the terms of the sale by setting a minimum reserve for your property
  • No need for numerous showings, buyers can see the property at one scheduled preview
  • Selling quickly reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance
  • There is competition among buyers – an accelerated sale can exceed the price of a negotiated sale through competitive offers, assuring the property will be sold at true market value
  • The sale is completely transparent and recognized as being fair to all parties in the marketplace. Buyers have access to the home inspection report, appraisal, etc. before the sale
  • Potential buyers must pre-qualify for financing
  • Contracts are non-contingent and guaranteed

After working with you to determine when, where and how much your home will be sold for, Motleys’ team of award-winning real estate and marketing professionals create a customized and aggressive advertising plan for each property.  One of the benefits of designing and producing our advertising in-house is that our team is ready to make changes, answer questions, and provide weekly reporting on how everything is coming along.

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"Thank you for the prompt professional manner in which your entire staff handled the appraisal and sale of personal property and real estate..."

– Samuel W. Jenkins

“Bill Irvin has gone the extra mile for my clients time and time again, often within short timeframes and in less than ideal conditions.  Bill and his team at Motley’s do a tremendous job, every time!”

Allan R. Stoneman

Senior Vice President - Client Administration

TCV Trust & Wealth Management